Our Mission Statement

    • To proclaim Christ as Lord, that many will meet and know Him,

    • To demonstrate Christ's love by our lifestyle, that many will believe in Him.

    • To celebrate Christ's presence in our fellowship, that many will follow  Him.


Our Core Values

    • We value our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We accept Him as our Saviour and Lord, who is the primary authority in our lives. Act.20:21; Phil.2:5-11; John.14

    • We value the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as the way that God communicates. 1Cor.2:13; Luke 11:13; Act.2:17; Joel.2:28-32; Rom.8:16-26 

    • We value the power of committed and faithful prayer. Act.4:23-31; Eph.3:14-19; 6:10-20

    • We value the authority of the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God. Deut.11:18;  Psalm.12:6; Psalm.119: 130,160; Prov.30:6; Mat.24:35

    • We value our church community and we are committed to building loving relationships. Jn.15:12-17; 1Cor.13; Mat.22:37-40

    • We value small group ministry as the primary instrument for spiritual growth, pastoral care, and development of our church’s ministry. Luke.6:12-13; Act.2:42-47

    • We value authentic, accessible and spiritually fulfilling worship. Psalm.95:6 John.4:23-24; Rom.12:1; 1Cor.9:19-23

    • We value the development of wise, persevering and godly Christians to lead the church. Act.6:1-7; Ex.18:13-27

    • We value lifestyle evangelism with a commitment to outreach and service. Heb.13:18; Lev.11:44; 1Thes.4:7; 2Cor.7:1; James.1:22-25; 2:14-18; Prov.14:31; 1Pet.4:10

    • We value biblical stewardship. 2Cor.8:1-5, 9:7; Mat.25:14-30; Lev.27:30

    • We value our partnerships with other faithful Christian communities. Eph.4:3-5, 11-13; 1Cor.12:12-31

    • We value commitment to evangelism and mission. Mat.29:16-20